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Medicox France

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Product Description

  • Lighten and reduce pigmentation.
  • Calm sensitive skin and smooth broken capillaries.
  • Promote blood circulation and grow a grewy skin.
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Firm and lift skin, reduce flabby skin.
  • Aid absorption of skin care products.


1. Yellow Light (570nm)

  • Lighten pigments and reduce discolorations
  • Calm skin allergy and repair broken capaillaries
  • Smooth redness and swelling
  • 2. Iontophoresis (+5v)

  • Retexture skin layer, reduce wrinkles
  • 3. Micro-Vibration (10,000rpm)

  • Massage and relieve tension
  • Promote blood circulation and nutrition distribution
  • Aid skincare products absorption
  • 4. Non-irritating Microcurrent (86.5uA)

  • Lift the sagging skin, recontour skin texture
  • Diminish pores
  • Direction

    AM/PM: After applying skincare products, slightly move upward & outward in circular motion for 3 minutes and remove battery after used. (It can be used when applying masque)

    Mobile version: Enabled