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Medicox France

MF100 Mini Beautician

MF100 Mini Beautician


  • Skin care products will be absorbed better
  • More effective at removing make up residue
  • Refine the skin texture and the elasticity
  • Alleviate acne severity
  • Reduce the dark circle eyes problem

Beauty Becomes Reachable

MF100 seamlessly combines 5 elite and powerful skincare technologies in just one machine. With 2 extraordinary treatment effects in 3 minutes, your skin becomes thoroughly cleansed, supple and alive!

This high performance and light-weight MF100 Mini Beautician, focusing on particular areas on eyes zone, face and neck: strengthens your skin renewal process, removes dirt and dead coenocytes, magnifies skin’s absorption of nutrients, awakens young skin texture, simultaneously reduces fine lines, wrinkles, pigments and all signs of aging, gives your skin a supreme facial treatment at any moment.

5 Skin Renewal Powers

  • Age-Defying Red Light (660nm): Rejuvenating skin, improve skin’s metabolism and reduce expression lines, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Purifying Blue Light (415nm): Remove bacteria underneath skin, reduce and prevent acne breakouts
  • Ultrasonic Vibration (200HZ): Improve lymphatic circulation and metabolism, breakdown and remove dirt and sebum; make the beauty ingredients readily permeable to skin
  • Negative Ion Infusion (-5V): Promote absorption of nutrients
  • Positive Ion Adsorption (+5V): Remove dirt with excessive sebum in hair follicle and refine pore size

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