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Medicox France

Nano Gold Sublime Stem Serum

Nano Gold Sublime Stem Serum

Product Description

  • Obtained and incorporated the phyto-stem cells into our new Sublime Stem Serum through advanced extraction technology.
  • Maintains the moisture and elastic skin.
  • Phyto-stem cells’ unique re-growth and cell regeneration characteristic will  restore the chrono-biologic major signs of aging.
  • Helps stimulate the skin fibroblasts in order to reconstitute the extra-cellular  matrix, which leads to the synthesis of collagen I and IV. Encourages the skin renewal process with prime efficacy.


Professional Use:

Facial treatment: Cleanse and tone the skin. Apply the serum to skin and leave it 20 to 30 mins on the skin.

Intensive Skin Healing Treatment: MTS, Ultrasonic Iontophoresis.

Home Care Use:

Cleanse and tone the skin, apply the serum on the whole face before your skincare routine.

Main ingredients

Betaine, Licorice Root Extract, Phyto-stem cells, Nano Gold Colloid


10ml x 6 ampoules

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